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Palliative Care Programmes

We treat poor patients absolutely free of cost including surgeries without any external funding. TMMHRC has been instrumental in setting up 'Home based'community based palliative care treatment for poor patients  where medical students  from UK Universities regularly visit here for learning & experiencing community projects. They are Changanacherry Pain & Palliative care clinic, Athani Pa lliative care clinic, Nadakkapadom  Palliative care clinic & Rhythm Palliative care clinic.


To educate, prevent, reduce complications & cost  arising out of Life Style Disease namely, Hypercholesterolaemia, Hypertension, Diabetes, smoking  etc


Community screening camps for Diabetis, Hypertension

•  Free Diagnosticwork up at TMMHRC
•    Compulsory monthly free check up for Diabetics & Hyperytensive patients
•    Patient under a senior doctor with extensive academic & clinical experience
•    Free medicine for Diabetics & Hypertensive patients (No external funding)
•    Regular Sugar, BP, Cholesterol, ECG screening
•    Cardiac consultation for the probables
•    Echo,TMT & Angiograme for the needy
•    Follow up checkups

Field Interaction Team ( FIT )

FIT in association with the voluntary – organisations conduct group interactions at the grass – root  level and identity persons with probability of disease.  At TMMHRC field staff  educate the patients in changing their life styles and  develop   personal care. Field staff will conduct campaigns for educating the  people employing modern extension  tools.



No external funding.


"TMMHRC signs MoU with The University of Liverpool to develop mobile phone based Newborn Jaundice monitoring using chromatic technology"