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Who are we

Thengana Medical Mission Hospital Research Centre-TMMHRC, has, ever since its inception as a multispeciality hospital , given particular attention to strengthening its channels of communication with universities and research centers around the world, with the objective of ensuring the exchange of information, and the sharing of know-how, and expertise.  Universities of International reupute are partnering with TMMHRC to develop new cost effective diagnostic products.


To reduce cost of healthcare using alternate technologies like chromatic sensing via mobile and wireless to support the achievement of health objectives.



Situated in the picturesque hamlet called Kerala, southern state of India,  TMMHRC had a modest beginning in the year 1997 and has since then striving to blossom  into a full blown world class center for healthcare medical research.


The birth

Why cost of healthcare is going leaps & bounds  day by day whereas in all other industries it is coming down!!!  Dr Shabeer, the Mg Director believes that  it  is not the replacement of existing technologies but use alternate technologies to reduce cost.  There should also be a working demonstration of a concept than reading and attempting to  visualise it. Thus born TMMHRC a multispeciality hospital in the picturesque hamlet called Kerala on May 1997.

Global attention

Set in idyllic surroundings, the institution has attracted global attention for the yeoman service it has rendered to the society especially in the field of pain & Palliative care for the terminally ill patients.   Universities of International repute like Liverpool  is  having an R&D with TMMHRC.    TMMHRC is a member of UK based Hospice Information network.

Healthcare Democracy

TMMHRC 'Democratize healthcare' by enabling  and empowering people  to monitor diseases using simple mobile phone thereby reducing cost. This is not a replacement of existing technology but using alternate  technology to monitor diseases.


"TMMHRC signs MoU with The University of Liverpool to develop mobile phone based Newborn Jaundice monitoring using chromatic technology"