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Envelop hospital with mHealth to reach mass

With a clear intention to reduce cost of healthcare worldwide TMMHRC developed a business model by  integrating mHealth with hospital  aimed to improve the quality and safety, optimize efficiency, and generate additional revenues. This results  in greater value for customers and shorter lead times of processes, ultimately resulting in cost effective healthcare.

Pay per use  model as Technology licensing deals with primary care hospitals to tertiary level hospital across the country  in a  broad-based portfolio of service offering. TMMHRC believes that an additional market will be available for non-exclusive licensing deals  with hospitals from  primary to tertiary level.


Started with a pilot:

There is a renewed interest in these type of technologies especially in healthcare were cost of healthcare is going leaps & bounds day by day. One way of addressing the cost is not replacing the existing technologies but using technologies that is cost effective & convenient to reach population for assisting disease monitoring with small portable instrumentation like mobile phones.

TMMHRC  believed in a working demonstration of a concept than attempting to  visualize it. Thus born TMMHRC a multispeciality hospital on May 1997 and partnered with University of Liverpool to develop cost effective technologies to monitor diseases. 'clikJaundice', a Newborn Jaundice monitoring  is the first product to roll out to the mass. Other products to follow.



"TMMHRC signs MoU with The University of Liverpool to develop mobile phone based Newborn Jaundice monitoring using chromatic technology"