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Treating poor patients absolutely free of






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Who We Are


Situated in the picturesque 'Hamlet' called Kerala.





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What we do


From Acute care to Palliative care





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Innovative Buisness Model

Palliative care with primary

to tertiary hospitals across

the world



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Thengana Medical Mission Hospital & Research Centre

Thengana Medical Mission Hospital & Research Centre-TMMHRC, has, ever since itsinception as a multispeciality hospital, given particular attention to strengthening its channels of communication with universities and research centers in other parts of the world, with the objective of ensuring the exchange of information,and the sharing of know-how, and expertise at the national, and international level. Over the past years, TMMHRC has reached  agreements, research programs,   with University of Liverpool with the intention of providing cost effective healthcare.



Off: +91 481 2473237,
+91 481 2474242,
+91 481 2470735

Email: info@tmmhrc.com


"TMMHRC signs MoU with The University of Liverpool to develop mobile phone based Newborn Jaundice monitoring using chromatic technology"